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Our Community


No matter who you are or what your background, the Advaita Meditation Center welcomes you. All you need is an inquisitive spirit, an interest in self-discovery or meditation, and a willingness to put our practices and teachings to the test of your own experience. Regular participation in our spiritual community at the Advaita Meditation Center can be one of the most satisfying experiences you will find anywhere.

Involvement on Your Terms

People come to us with a variety of goals in mind: learning about meditation and related practices, exploring the deeper meaning of life, finding peace of mind, discussing issues of spirituality. At our center, you will find a supportive community that appreciates your interest and welcomes your participation.

Through our courses, workshops, Sanskrit classes, and other activities, you can share in stimulating group study and meaningful discussions in a caring environment. We draw on ancient and modern wisdom for practical approaches to existential questions and everyday challenges—and share what we find in experience. That is at the heart of the Advaita tradition.

Our activities are led by dedicated teachers and group leaders with years of experience in practicing and teaching meditation and Advaita. 

You may get as involved in our community as you like, whether that means taking the occasional course or becoming a regular at our meditation retreats. It’s all up to you.


As a nonprofit organization, the Advaita Meditation Center depends on the generosity of its members in order to thrive. In fact, we are entirely volunteer-run. Ongoing participants are invited to contribute service in support of the center and its activities. We try to tailor service opportunities to each person's interests and circumstances. They are entirely voluntary and offer you a supportive environment in which to try some of the practices learned in your classes.


We expect you might have questions about our community. If so, please reach out to us. You may contact us through this website, reach us by phone at 781-647-0020, or email us at