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Transforming Mind and Heart

What Is the Transformed Life?

To be truly awake, to have abundant energy and happiness that come with knowing who you are—that is the promise of Advaita. 

Advaita is a refined, practical philosophy. It offers truths that can be validated in experience, and provides techniques that can clarify the mind and heart and help you to know yourself as you are. Everything you learn in the context of studying Advaita is practiced and put to good use.

Your journey can begin with meditation. In Advaita, meditation is not for the purpose of stress reduction alone, although this is a valuable benefit. Rather, it is meant to strengthen attention. With practice, you gain the ability to calm the mind and increase focus. Meditation prepares the way for self-discovery.

The efforts made in classes and on retreats make the philosophy come alive. Many students experience a deeper awakening during retreats, which combine meditation, discussion and activities. They come away with a fuller sense of the possibilities of this work.

As you gain clarity, you begin to think, work, and love more fully and freely.

Lao Tzu: "To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders."

The supportive members of the AMC and the practical wisdom offered there have helped me to enjoy this birthright of stillness and unity.